Chapter 167



Another NASA event, another Track Record for WDMS and Vorshlag!!


So I flew home from the GRM 2010$ Challenge on Saturday and landed at noon. Amy picked me up since my car was at their house and we had prep work to do! Back at VOMO world HQ we got the tires swapped over, fluids checked, battery charged (LOL!) and car ready to go! We bolted on some good track-compound Yokohama A032s that had seen better days (already had 10+ hours of track time!) but still had good tread. The tires made an awfully loud 'scrunching' noise when rolled across the concrete floor so as I left to go home and unpack/repack and get read to be back to load at another oh-dark-thirty I told Amy to go drive the car, get the crustys off the tread, and not to stop till it was quiet on the concrete. She said it was no problem!

The car in question is the Vorshlag Motorsports 330Ci E46 coupe. AST doubles (unf!), Vorshlag Camber Plates and other parts galore and is a JOY to drive.

Full pictures here:

So, I leave my house long before the sun thinks about rising and make the hour trip up to Vomo. As I come down the street I see the huge red rig parked in the street and smile knowing that the Fair and the crew made the journey back safe. They left early after the car broke on the drags and made it home some 15 hours ahead of schedule and were fast asleep. Amy and I loaded the 330 onto McCall's borrowed trailer behind Maytag and away we went to ECR, the darkness still holding a lockdown on the very pre-dawn day.

Three hours later:

Yup, Amy had already done some HPDEs with NASA and so after a full day on track she had progressed rapidly and got signed off for her TT license so next year she can compete in the NASA Texas Time Trial series. Wahoo! She is fast, smooth, and works traffic well.

That yellow helmet gets around...

This car SERIOUSLY needs more power. It is extremely stable, handles like a dream, has brakes for days and is easy to drive. Amy did 4 sessions and I did two short ones and we made a few small shock and air pressure changes and the car was dead-on perfect. The tires came in nicely and the car was simply a joy to drive. Sadly, it only lacks power as the 211hp :-( at the wheels and even less torque is just not enough. The car overcomes the lack of power with the aforementioned stellar qualities and I pedalled it pretty hard and came away with the TTD track record for Vomo and WDMS! Wahoo!

NEWSFLASH: A few weeks later at a local autocross the motor decided it had been a working engine long enough and died. Rumor has it Fair called his old buddy, Mr. El Es Juan to fill the gap and I truly hope I get to drive it after that swap!!