WDMS Chapter 163

A Few Mods Here and There...

Getting Scratcher Ready for Battle

(Feb - July 2010)


I'll save you folks the blow-by-blow of what ALL happened and just attach some pics with descriptions (below the pic) so you can see most all of what happened. 


*New AST 5200 Double-Adjustable Dampers (thank you AST and VORSHLAG!!!) 

*New fully prepped Long racing shifter (thank you Doug!!) and random internal Jerico parts...

*New motor (different displacement, different cam, etc etc), thanks BATMAN!!!

*New rear axle location, watts link pickup points, rear arms, etc

*Modified nose, radiator leaned forward, hood modified with radiator exit duct (downforce!!)

*Splitter added (more downforce!!)

*Stepped up to the Goodyear Jumbo size (from 27x13 rear to 28x14.5 rear and from 25.5x12 front to 25.5x14 front)!! 

****UBERTHANKS to Fertitta, Nick, Cody, Mike, Magyar, Fair, Hanchey, Neil, etc etc for all the help. Can't do this stuff on my own!!

Lets get going with some pictures!!

Picked up the motor back in February when there was SNOW on the ground in Houston. That was weird. 

Yeah, my crank is scalloped for the flywheel mount. Heh. Less weight! 

Ready for some powah!!

OMGhi2DAMPERS!! Yup, custom AST 5200 double adjustable with remote reservoirs. OMGyes!

I re-build the existing nose and laid out two more frames since I have two spares. Time consuming, but important!!

Kicked the rear end back 1.5" so the T/A Jumbo sized goodyears (28.0" tall, 14.5" wide on a 16x13 rim) would fit. This meant moving back the watts link mounts. Mikey is makin sparks!!! HUGE THANKS!!!

The dampers were metric. Scratcher is not. Paul Magyar spooled up the Vorshlag lathe and made me some sleeves to adapt them. They were perfect!! HUGE THANKS!!!

Working on the Jerico. It was hot outside, so the coffee table and Star Wars worked just fine. 

Jerico going back together. I had to freshen up two dogs (y0!) and swap out the reverse idler. 

To kick the rear back, the six (needed four, made two spares) on the right are new. Bigger, stronger and lighter FTW. Thank to Neil for the design!!!

SPLITTER-TIME!! Nick and I shearing some aluminum for the splitter extension. 

More shearing. 

Cody and Nick assembling the new rear arms. HUGE THANKS!!!

Nick holding the radiator at the original location (straight up). 

And now canted forward. It will be vented out the hood. DOWNFORCE FTW!!!


Cody mounting the AST remotes...

While Fertitta and I string the chassis to get the rear end square in the car. 

Inside the rear quarters. Occasionally rocks get thrown up and crack the paint on the outside since there is no inside protection. 

So instead of building/buying complete fenderwells (heavy, in the way, cumbersome), I got this....

And sprayed several coats. It dried and was quite rubbery. Hopefully it will protect the bodywork. If not, fenderwells here I come!!

Body fit check. With the rebuilt nose, Fertitta and I took hours to get everything back to fitting right. UG! 

New shifter. Old shifter was a piece of crap. New shifter is a custom prepped Long. Looking forward to it! 

Mikey making first cut on the hood. Actually he made all the cuts. I was too much of a pansy. He didn't care so much! :-)

Cut done, used the cut out panel for the scoop, need to build aluminum sides. 

Mikey making sides. Bender = AWESOME!! 

Rivet boy!! 

Mikey putting some cloth and resin over the gap. 

The dummy (me) who marked the inside edge didn't allow for the lip, so I added the forward panel. The vented hood is NOT FINISHED, still need to do the inside work to seal it to the backside of the radiator, but it is a good start!!

Mounted a passenger seat and harnesses in case anyone wants to ride during some testing/shake down runs. 

Neil's new book is out and can be found at thinkfastbook.com and I WHOLEHEARTEDLY reccomend it. GREAT book for the racer!!

Almost ready for the upcoming NASA event...