WDMS Chapter 154


The last automotive event of 2009

(Dec 2009)


It was supposed to stop raining by the early afternoon, but it simply didn't. I had driven down from Arlington to the TAMSCC playground on victoracers and brought my streets with me in case it got worse. We divided up into two heats and I worked a rainy grid for heat1. Near the end of the heat the rain had been gone for about an hour and while it was a far cry from dry, there were less puddles and the dampness on the racing line was much reduced from the other areas of the annex. Sadly, as I slotted into grid, the drizzle of rain came back and by the time we were launching for our runs, big puddles were back. I took one run on the victo's and then quickly swapped over to my streets and made the remaining runs. 

Here is one of my runs that I abort due to cones out of order and then get a re-run. For the ADD among you, start the vid at about the 5:30 mark. BIG PUDDLES. Need Rain-X on the go-pro screen!!!

Anyway, fun event and I won. And lost. I was the only one is FS sadly...BUT...A good wet weather event is great to keep your damp skills fresh in case you might need them. Foreshadowing?

Below: A shot after swapping over the victo's on GTAs to the awesome Ronal's and my streets.

and below again...the real bonus for going to a TAMSCC event...