WDMS Chapter 153

The long wait is over....it snowed in Houston!

(and I got a motor...)

(Dec 2009)


So Scratcher's motor is done and I catch a semi-free weekend and look to head down Friday night so I can pick it up bright and early Saturday and bring it home. On Thursday the forecasts are all saying *snow* in Houston and it is actually projected to be colder in Houston than in D/FW. Ug. Sure enough, it snow flurries in D/FW Friday and by Friday afternoon it is COMING DOWN in Houston. Amazing.

Driving to Houston...I got up at oh-dark-thirty and when I was still an hour out of Houston and the sun was up, it was 21. Ug.

Yeah...snow. It was about 10 am and it was still on the ground from the day before.

The Alien's Ranger...about noon and still snow on the garage roof and windshield.

A shot from Friday from a buddies house in Katy. Yikes.


More expensive desk art. That is one REALLY short connecting rod.....