Chapter 148 - 26 Aug 2009


(if you're cool enough to have a Camaro!!)


Yup, if you were cool enough to have a Camaro and cruised by a Papa John's on Wednesday the 26th of August 2009, then you got a completely free large pizza with one topping from the Papa John's crew. Too good to pass up for sure!

Got home from work, backed Miss out of the garage and headed a few blocks over to Papa John's! Got there and there was a white LS1 4th gen car already there and a 5th gen just pulling up as I was. We chatted inside and the 4th gen guy got his pizza first and put it in his car and we were all milling about. He asked if Miss was a 1LE car as he noticed the front brakes. The 5th gen guy works for GM at the plant and picked up on it and we all chatted about the cars and such. As my pizza was coming out another Camaro pulled up, a pretty nice 2nd gen. The manager on duty (very nice, taking orders as we pulled up) said they'd seen a steady stream of F-bodies all day. They didn't take down names or phone numbers, just simply "COLOR/CAMARO" on the tag that went on the pizza box, then when it was done they'd walk out and holler "WHITE CAMARO!"...Very cool!

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Yup, they gave away over 35 THOUSAND pizzas!!!


Sadly, Cody's car was on jackstands, but I called Countryman and he took Rita (B4C2) and picked up his free pizza that night too! Nick didn't want to risk Alamo on the street and get a free large pizza with a ticket for unlicensed/unregistered/uninspected/uninsured on the side....heh