WDMS Chapter 140


22/23 May 2009

 Costas Crews for Ritchie...GT1 fun



This whole leave-San-Antonio-at-oh-dark-thirty and head east is just getting old. A few weeks back was NASA at TWS, then TWS MSC to help Wade and now this. Sadly, I didn't take my race gear as I was spinning wrenches for a buddy who swapped his old ASedan for an old GT1 car. He (Eric) and I have known each other a long time and I like to crew for him when I can and this was just such a weekend. He traded for the GT1 and it had been sitting for several years. He'd gone through the car as well as he could, but you never know until you get it out to a track, drop the loud pedal and air it out what will actually happen.

My trusty steed for the last three TWS visits! Cold AC and good MPG FTW.

So my weekend started early as I left San Antonio very early on Friday morning to help Eric with the Friday test day. I'm not going to bore you with a play-by-play, but we got some testing in, broke some minor stuff, fixed some minor stuff and then at the end of the day, the diff died. So we, of course, went to dinner. Saturday morning we got the GT1 annual tech'd and Eric loaded up and went home. I stayed around, chatted it up with some other GT1 drivers then pointed Miss westward and with only a brief interruption to chat with a very nice DPS officer, I went back to San Antonio. Just got a no-front-plate warning (hey, I SAID he was nice!). Smooth sailing.

Above: Eric laying out the belts to slide into the tube frame wonder car

Above: Eric airing out the small block on the front straight.

Above: Here Eric is fixing a power steering hose that blew off from the AN fitting. We were back together before our next session.

Above: Ya know, a quick change really isn't that quick when you have a big piece of square tube in the way. Faster than a 9" chunk change tho...

Above: Tube frame, smallblock, jerico, quickchange, 12" wide wheels....what's not to love?

Above: <song> Money, money, money, money....MONEY!!! </song>

Above: At speed on the banking. The car sounded really good.