Chapter 139

Update on Red

(edit to add: RED LIVES!!!!)

May 2009


Close. Very close. (NOT CLOSE ANYMORE, SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM :-) !!!)

The motor is back from Kendrick's. It is back in the chassis. The headers and complete exhaust system are back from Cradin getting ceramic coated (black) and back in the chassis also. Trans is in, most of the wiring done and I should have her up and running very soon. Wh00p!

Above: before coating. Below: after. Yes, it is all v-band clamped together. Sweetness.

Time for the trip home!

I'm gonna guess #1 and #2 got a little warm. Ouch. (yes...the old crankshaft)

Yeah, this is the flowmaster from the rally car. This is the side that was facing down. Heh.

Close....primed the oil system, got the MSD re-installed.....very close....(FYI: not using the remote filter/cooler for initial startup)



On the afternoon of the 24th of May, Red fired back up to life and sounded pretty darn slick!

Next weekend : Shakedown at TWS assuming everything goes smoothly to prepare!!

Above: Ran up to the corner station for a fill up. No cops....whew.

Above / Below: I didn't like that the front and rear spoilers didn't match. 10 minutes of taping and a rattle can and they do now!