WDMS Chapter 135

Time to get Red back up and going!!

March/April 2009


May 2006. Yes...it was May of 2006 when Nick and I took Red over to TWS and promptly spun a bearing in the first practice session. Loaded back up and home well before dinner. With Scratcher coming online at that time, Red was put away until now. Today is the 23rd of March and Red sits in the garage, motor at the shop and transmission on the floor. The headers, y-pipe, muffler and tailpipe are being coated and should be ready in a few days. Kendrick should have the motor apart any day now and my guess is that the little v6 will need new bearings, a crank turn and maybe some new rings. I forgot how small that car is inside and how small a footprint it takes up in the garage. At this point in time I only own one Monza...isn't that weird. In the not too distant future I may not own any...and that will be the first time since the mid 80s. Whoah.

So it is time to get Red back online and inventory and box the spares and get the logbook current and shake out the cobwebs. Maybe someone is looking for a well sorted little IT car that is incredibly fun to drive and has a TON of spares. I'll keep updating this chapter as Red comes back to life!

Here, the motor just came out.

Here is the motor dropped off at the machine shop. Sure does look small...

A shot from one of the races just before the motor gave up. 

An older shot at TWS for a tire change due to a flat.