Witchdoctor Motorsports

Chapter 129

02 November 2008

Lackland Air Force Base, Kelly Field Annex Airshow 2008!!!

Captions below photos!


I've upploaded 6 vids from the show to the Witchdoc youtube.com site. 

Blue Angels!

After I-honestly-don't-know-how-many airshows I've been to, I've never seen the Angels. I've seen the Thunderbirds, SnowBirds, and many other teams, but never the Angels so when they made a stop in San Antonio I made sure I headed down with a clear memory stick and an extra set of batteries! It was an AWESOME day that ranged from no clouds to partly cloudy with a nice 80 degrees! FANTASTIC!!

This is what 40+ years of fighter development will get you. 

This is the aircraft rescued under the ice! They had storyboards around the aircraft with pictures of the rescue and rebuild! Awesome!



Jet tail on right, turbo-prop tail on left.

Nice blades...

The announcer said this very aircraft was used in the movie about the Doolittle raid over Tokyo!


(obvious, yes, but fitting too!)

Other than my snack and a drink, this is the only thing I almost bought. Nice.

Harrier hanging in the sky.

And here is about 60 years of fighter development. P-51 vs F-22

The F-16 demo was very good. Easily a 90. Lots of smash and noise!

The Strike Eagle demo raised the bar from the -16 and garnered a 95. He hustled that thing incredibly well.

Raptor waiting to play.

Hornets too!

The flightline that the public could not walk over to.

and THEN it was time for the Raptor.

When he was going away from the crowd in burner it always reminded me of the movie 'Iron Man'.

The burner slots made me thing of Iron Man's eyes when he powered up the suit and they lit up! Slick.

Well....simply amazing. I've seen a LOT of airshows in my days including Oshkosh TWICE (where they have airshows daily), but the Raptor put on the best display that I'd ever seen. It was easily a 100 with about 15 points of extra credit for all the 'how-is-he-DOING-that' maneuvers. Amazing. Yes, I've got a very few airshow sights that rival it, but as far as an entire display, this was number 1.

There was an F-22 store. I checked and they were out-of-stock. Ug.

Heritage flight pics.

You don't normally see C-130s banking quite this much. Fat Albert put on a nice short demo that was slick!

Last, it was time for the Angels.

I don't know why, but they were missing a/c #4. It was strange, but they still wrung the planes out.

UPDATE: Here is why: http://www.aero-news.net/index.cfm?ContentBlockID=71706baa-a497-4334-ac40-e1cb71ec53bc&

'Because we were <insert hand motion> INVERTED!'

Solo #5 and 6 make an inverted pass.

The Angels did very good, but honestly after the F-22 it was a semi-let down. Sad really, because they are the Angels and it was slick. But still...the Raptor stole the show.


And, of course, a quick few snaps of Miss and one of my favorite gate guardians!