Chapter 126

Witchdoctor Motorsports

LeMons Update and Track Test Day

3-5 October, 2008

These are going to be out of bad. The spring stuff happened AFTER the test day. Oops.

Friday = I loaded up the LeMons car and went to Harris Hill Road and tested that afternoon.

Saturday I swapped front springs.

Sunday, Rivas and I worked and got the rear spring isolators out, radiator sealed, more wiring done, clutch bled out, etc etc.

All in all, a good three days of solid progress!

This is the 4th, after the track day. Spring swaps! Factory on left and factory S-10 diesel pickup (15$ from a junkyard) on right.

See the pimpy new exhaust system???

Front springs installed, but rear still at factory height.

Front springs installed, and rears stock, but with the rubber isolators pulled out of the back Mucho negative camber, but still good clearance.

Loaded up and coming home from Harris Hill Road. We set a new track record there!!


This is still with a passenger seat, and lots of small stuff still needing to be removed.

Frank making sparks!

Mas Sparkitos!!!

Me wiring in a resistor to fool the alternator to charge. It worked! Thanks Chris!!!

Race hasn't been too much help lately, but he'll be back in the garage soon!

Rally, on the other hand, loves to watch. Or chew. Or watch and chew.