Witchdoctor Motorsports

2008 Rolex Series Finale

Miller Motorsports Park, Utah

September 19-20 2008


This is it. Last race of the year. It was bittersweet as I packed my bags one last time. My Rolex Corporate ID had been in three countries and at a long list of tracks since January and the year had gone very well. It will feel weird not seeing these teams next year as I really get along well with a lot of them. Most of the teams are really cool and I will miss it. 

That being said, Miller is an INCREDIBLE facility. The 2009 NASA National Championships are there and who knows, maybe I'll make it to that. Incredibly long track with a serious front straight, more turns than a Caldwell Run (well, it seems that way) and a HUGE paddock with multiple garages and plenty of room. Awesome, AWESOME track. 

I found a nice place to shoot my little point-n-shoot at the cars as they negotiated a little chicane on the backside and got some really good tail shots (I think...) and then of course my typical ADD-randomness-with-the-camera that always seems to happen when I'm at a track. 

Those are HUGE flags so that is quite a bit of wind

Carrying the LF

Look at the right rear rim separate from the tire


Note car name on top of bumper

Same rr wheel and camber on LR


A study in vehicle size differences

Carry LF


I wonder what race he got that watch from...


T1, Lap 1. You can't win the race there, but you CAN lose it.


Ok wait, this track has HOW many turns?

Short stacked

Wakey wakey, eggs and bacey!!


OMG FTW! (yes, inside joke)

Pontiac DP cars

Pontiac GT cars

Riley heading out while Shank is coming in

Rain coming across the valley to hit the track in 20 minutes


Shank wins two in a row!