Witchdoctor Motorsports

Chapter 123

Rolex at Thunderbolt

New Jersey's new Thunderbolt track is so named as it is next to the town where P-47 Thunderbolt pilots trained during the second war to end all wars. Captions below the pictures! Enjoy!

Brand new track means lots of gear changes to find the right setup.

Full zoom as I THOUGHT it was a Fortress. I could only tell when I DL'd the pic on the lappy and enlarged it. Sadly I never saw it again.

Moto-ST was there. Trick twin bikes!!

The 3 looking great!

I like this angle of the Gainsco Pontiac.

More gear changes...

Hello Mr. Wing Angle!

Randy on the Stevenson team had a boy this weekend!!

Not enough grass grown up meant 'offs' were quite noticable.

Getting some dirt out of the radiators!

This baby sounded AWESOME!

Vorshlag??? Hey! I know those guys!!! Spotted on a car in the paddock.

On the side of a HUGE building in Millville. Nicely done!!

Scott Pruett had a wreck on the private (not GA sanctioned) Thursday. They had to get the backup car from Indy. Picture stolen from the 'Net. :-P

Scott was sore, but raced on Sunday.