Witchdoctor Motorsports

Chapter 122

Rolex at Infineon


Quick trip to handle the DP cars (GT had another weekend off!) and enjoy Sears Point/Sonoma/Infineon. As always, picture notes are below if I make them. Enjoy!

Going North on 101 just getting onto the Golden Gate.

Halfway across is gets clear. Weird.

Finishing up, the sky is blue and it is awesome. Total fog on the other side. Weird.

The 3 car smacked the wall in practice.

And the XPEL lens cover works!! The formed lexan is several hundred dollars and it has been saved by a very inexpensive cover. Nice!

Not a lot of room in the paddock for the DP guys...

Oil filter and line protection.


Traffic jam!

Awesome days in NorCal!

Vintage on the track!

Honda Indy V8 with preferred installation tool on top.

Check RF tire.

Fill'er up and check the tires please...

91 was running decent but lost a lot of time in the pits to repair the part below. Ouch.

Next up, GT and DP back together at Thunderbolt!!