Witchdoctor Motorsports

Chapter 118

Dynolicious iPhone App!!


I'd heard of this application from the Vorshlag boys and finally took a few minutes today to DL it from iTunes (the new APPS section where they have tons of cool games and such) and get it going. Sadly, it wasn't quite the simple. I had to update my phone to the newest software and then it auto-backed up the phone and re-initialized it followed by a valve job, new syncros, flushing the bowls on the carbs, re-sync'ing them along with checking the pinion depth. So, after about 25 minutes it DL'd the app in about a minute and I was ready to go!

I used to have (still do, somewere) an old Vericom VC200 computer thing you suction cupped to your windshield and set and it did the whole 0-60, 1/4 mile, braking distances, etc in the fore/aft direction only. This new app does basically the same thing on your phone. For 12.99$.

So with my trusty iPhone duly updated and in top running condition it was time to grab some green tape and head out to Miss and then on to my secret remote test site. Captions below the pictures.

Here we are, all taped down and ready to go.

It automatically does a 1/4 mile run, not knowing the distance, I lifted pretty early.

First page of data on the run.

Second page of data on the run. Looks like I lifted at about the 1000' mark.

Second run, I stayed in it longer. I was on streets and it was over 100 degrees. The tires spin all thru first so I just kinda took it easy till I got into second and made relatively slow-ish shifts.

Near the house at a stoplight I set up the g-meter and zero'd it and let it record on the drive into the neighborhood. I really wanted to bust out the stickies and see what kind of numbers it would put down, but maybe another day.

TOTALLY cool application that I likely have not even scratched the surface of. I've not put in any specs so it has not generated HP figures or anything. You can input mods and such also. SWEET!! I'm gonna try and see if I can pull some data from my boss' new V10 500hp M5!!!

Two-thumbs up!!