Witchdoctor Motorsports

Chapter 115

Grand-Am Rolex at Barber Motorsports Park, Alabama


If you are at all an enthusiast then get to Barber. As a spectator, as a participant, whatever...just get there. I'm definitely going to work a Barber trip into my race schedule as early as possible. The track is absolutely gorgeous, flows well and the facility is outstanding. There is a gargantuan motorcycle museum on the grounds that is simply not to be missed. Even if you have only a passing interest in bikes, this is worth the trip. If you are a bike enthusiast, it is like the Louvre to an artist. Yes...it is that good. I'm super cereal!

By now, you know my style. I'm so random with a camera my ADD is painfully apparent. Comments, if any, are below. Enjoy!!

The Cayenne is the engine reference as it is a Porsche Cayenne V8 based.

Above and below: Yup, two-stroke!

Dyno in a trailer to check the bikes.

Mr. Barber in his Ferrari F1 car. Sounded awesome!