Witchdoctor Motorsports

Chapter 113

July 2008 Update for the LeMons Racer!!


Plenty of meat left on these brake pads...

There are only a few folks laughing, but I promise you they are laughing really really loud.

Topical rust.

BINGO! At least 35 or 40 cents here!

Ah, the old 'paint the wheel ON the car' trick.

Seats out.

Carpet coming out. It was surprisingly in good shape.



Ready to put the front seats in and to get caged.

Awww yeah! Gotta take the peso to the bank and get it changed into 'Mericun Money!'

Black interior. Complete. No cracks.

Firebird spoiler for sale!!!

IROCs struggling to make this look good.

At Todd's to get caged.