Chapter 111

Grand-Am Rolex at Mid-Ohio

June 2008

Mid-Ohio is a flat-out GORGEOUS track and the weekend went wonderful. Saw some great racing and the weather held off all weekend...until about 10 minutes after the green flag fell! Then it POURED and we REALLY got to see a show. It slowly dried over the hours and the race ended up being won by strategy, good driving and some good old fashioned luck! And now, on to the random images with the captions (if any) below them.

Above and below: "Dangit"

Friday afternoon traffic....

These shots are me looking at tire angles and how far the sidewalls flex.

Dual digital micrometers to set ride height.



Oatmeal raisin cookies AND banana pudding? WELL COLOR ME HAPPY! (there's a sofa in here for two!)

Portable lift in the pits. Sweet.

Note RF camber and toe.

Stuck like Chuck.

Again with the ever-popular RF toe setting.

I literally sucked in my breath when he spun here...but he got it spun around and going with no contact. Whew!!

Leaving the track after the race.....wish the picture would do it justice...