Chapter 109

A Closer Look at the Witchdoctor / BikiniRacer 24 Hours of LeMons Entry!!

I took these pics when Nick brought the car to San Antonio and promptly filed and lost them. While looking for some other pictures to finish a webpage I stumbled across them and am now putting them up so everyone can see what a totally SWEET RIDE we have to work with. Evidently, $650 buys a LOT of car!

I'm sure that orange wire that is spliced to a fuse is no big deal and not important...

Damage to fender AND door....nice!

How many colors has this car been???

Hmmm...sanded and primered...and then some spots NOT primered so they rust. Less weight!!!!

Passenger door actually looks decent....wonder if it opens?

Low rise spoiler on an 87...I had heard it was an 88 only option...this might bring $4 on FleaBay!!!!

Likely not going to buff out...


Probably not going to help...

5 liters of Small Block goodness!!!

T-tops....worth good money!!!

The oil leaks keep the underside from rusting too bad...