Chapter 108

CBR PCA @ H2R CCW W/Z28 + B4C + LS1.FD

14 June 2008

Neither Nick nor I had ever run Harris Hill Road and the Coastal Bend Region of the Porsche Club of America was having a 1-day event that was reasonable on cost and so Nick and I signed up. It was all kind of last minute, but we got in and really had a great time.

I slapped the GoPro cam on the little piece of aluminum tubing that has two big suction cups and took a few vids. The first vid the camera is in the drivers' side headlamp bucket and the second vid the camera is on the rear decklid pointed backwards just over the lip spoiler.

H2R is a fun track to drive. I'd love to get Scratcher out there but I think she is too loud and the course almost feels small in the B4C...I can just imagine what a GT1 car would feel like. I really like the elevation and some of the blind sections. We drove the course counter-clockwise and I hope to drive it clock-wise sometime soon!

Alamo, Miss B4C and my Boss' M5. The M ended up not running...maybe next time!!

Phil's very well-done LS1 in a 3rd gen Rx7. On hoosier R6s no less....

They kept talking about 'the tower' and I finally figured out they were talking about this thing. Where I come from we usually call this a 'deer stand', but whatever works. <grin ;-)>


It was freaking Africa hot that day...

On the 'drive-through' they stopped frequently to talk about the course. GTAs FTW!!!

Bob brought out his FRC and did very well.

Bob avoiding a spinning bavarian!!


Headed home...