Chapter 107

Dog Saves the Day!

June 2008


So I get out of the shower and get dressed quickly and begin to gather my stuff to head to work. As I get in the kitchen, Race is over by the hallway to the other side of the house and starts barking. Not the typical I'm-barking-at-whatever, but the I'm-barking-at-something-bad-and-I'm-not-happy-about-it. He is quite serious. I ponder for a moment if someone broke in while I was in the shower. I immediately scratch that as the dogs would have been going nuts and this just started.

I walk over to the other side of the house and clear the other rooms, closets, and bathroom. Nothing. Race won't even step into the hallway with me to go in the other rooms. Weird. He is walking back and forth and his tail is up, some fur is up (he has some ridgeback in him) and the barking is still quite angry. This is strange. I try to get Race to come back in one of the rooms with me and two things happen at the same instant. First off, as Race walks a bit closer to me he goes right by the door to the ac unit that is vented to let air in the bottom. The AC unit is on a shelf about 4' off the ground and the hot water heater is below it. Just as Race gets close he barks AT the vent. Angry barks. At that instant the AC cycled off and I could hear a faint tapping from a drip.

Opening the door, I find the drain has backed up and the AC tray is full and just started to overflow. The puddle on the slab is no more than 6" across. I pour a cup of bleach down the drain thru the access pipe every month and it has been fine for 3 years. In taking the filter out and some of the panels, there is a SECOND drain access that is gunked up. Out comes the big wet/dry vac and I do a lot of cleaning and bleach dumping. In less than an hour I've got everything done and cleaned and head out. Thankfully it was caught quickly and it didn't get to the hardwood floors or to the carpet in the back rooms. Thanks to Race.

What are you lookin at???? (Race)

With the house saved, it is back to naptime! (Race and Rally)