Chapter 101

Mexico Grand Prix

April 2008


A co-worker and I set off to Mexico City for the Grand-Am Rolex race there. The Nextel Nationwide Series (Busch) was there also and it was a good time. While waiting for our luggage we chatted with some of the teams and one of them (who is from Central America, is fluent in several languages and has been doing this a while) asked where we were staying. The Grand-Am/Nascar juggernaut has a big hotel that everyone stays at and then they use tour busses to shuttle everyone to the track and back. We told him we were staying a few blocks away at another hotel and he said make sure we knew exactly where we were going. The last thing we would want to do, he said, was to head off on our own, not knowing anything.

Got the luggage (explained the 15 hats in my bag were NOT for sale/commerce, and oh my, that is a nice Beretta you have there!), got the shuttle ride to the main hotel and then, of course, we were heading off on our own only somewhat sure of where we were going. We ended up eating in the hotel that night, but ventured a block or two every other night and had some really great and fresh food. And it was cheap! The three nights we ate out, we still spent less than the one meal in the hotel!!

Notes, if any, are below the pics...

Crawford DP. A new body will come out for this chassis in a few races.

Got Binders?

Dallara and Lola nose contrast.

Synergy's weekend was ended by a tap leading to a high speed barrier impact.

Interesting roof-cam decoration!!

Nice wing adjustments...I need something like this for Scratcher!

That's likely not going to buff out...

Car = 125mph, Cameraman = asleep.

Walking home from dinner this was in the road. It's about 16" deep....yikes!

First day our bus driver gets LOST. Our 30 minute trip takes over an hour and a half. He is SO lost he talks a guard into opening a side gate and we get on THE TRACK and he drives us around to the pits and lets us out!

Pinatas!! They are very big, but this was taken from the bus and over about 6 lanes...

Mas Llantas!!!

More candyholders, with car for reference!

Dallara front ARB setup.

Got spares?

This barge board was ripped from the car in a bump-n-run down the front straight and a kid brought it to the paddock after the race. I bought it from him and it now sits in my office!

Next up, VIR!!!