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Chapter 100, April 2008




The worlds oldest collegiate car club held its 40th reunion in April of 2008. The club began in 1968 and has been continuously running and a part of Texas A&M for four decades and it was time to celebrate, Aggiecross Style!

Aggiecross is a solo I type event that TAMSCC held at TWS for many years and it used to be a staple of the club. In the late 90s the track rental got outrageous and as some other reasons crept in the club stopped having them. I was happy to have participated in the last several before they stopped. After that, it was mainly autocrossing, rallys and drag racing along with car shows and parties that kept the club going. All day Saturday was Aggiecross with catered BBQ at the track that late afternoon, then a party at the hotel. Sunday was a car show in the morning (hang and chat time!) and then a lunch at the REC center with old videos and slideshows and a few hours of storytime that included how the club actually started and key points over the first 20-30 years. Awesome!

While it had been years since TAMSCC had an Aggiecross, for the 40th event however TWS was once again rented and the cars again gridded on the hot pits and got the chance to make some solo passes around the 'big track' (2.9 CCW) and let it all hang out for a few minutes per run. I had wanted to take Scratcher, but she had no motor after the double national a scant two weeks before the reunion and so Miss B4C became my stand-in dance partner. Neil Roberts flew in for the event and rather than have him suffer through his rental, he co-drove Miss. Nick had recently purchased Alamo and had one MSR-C track event under his belt and was ready to run TWS also. While Gary didn't drive, he came up and had some great bbq and dinner with us also. Wade didn't drive either, but provided mas-lodging and hung out also. Some of the Dallas crew even came down!

Above: TAMSCC can really bring the hardware!

Above: On the way, by way of dropping off Scratcher's motor in Houston. Thanks Nick!!

Above: WonderTwin powers: ACTIVATE!

Above: Hardware!

Above: In grid someone showed up for some wedding snapshots. Way random!

Above: not many folks went off. This guy did...

Dean!, Duck, and Costas

My co-driver deep in thought and loving his moments back in AggieLand!

Above: Alamo in the carousel.

Above: Note white third gens to the far left.

Above: Oh yeah!!

Above: Staged on the banking.

Above: Neil staged while Toddles stayed busy running a fine grid.