Chapter 301: June 2022


Phone rings late May: 

Louis: “Holley LS Fest at’re driving Sledgehammer in some exhibition stuff”

Me: "Cool". #GameOn

It really is that simple.



Both are GM powered, but the one on the left has the LS, while the one on the right (on travel blocks!) is old school SBC. 


The event was fun and had several competitions. A drag race (no thanks!). An autocross (ok), a speed stop challenge (maybe), a roadcourse (yes!), a show-and-shine (what?), dorifto (uh, pass) etc.

Met this guy at check-in....I don't think we're here for the same things....


We were not an official competitor. We were guests of our friends at Finspeed to ‘show the brand’ and talk about both Finspeed and GSpeed. Sledgehammer, being a decently known car in our circles, was going to be there as Finspeed and GSpeed were paddocked together. Also, SLJHMR was on older roadrace tires, not the 200tw units that are required to be official competitors. As old as our Hoosiers were, it likely would not have helped us much, but rules are rules.

Phtoshoot on the left and tranny-delivery on the right. He makes it look easy....


I did a few autocross runs and was competitive on the fairly dirty track. The runs only got faster as the line got more and more clean, but we ended up putting SLJHMR back in our booth area for the eye candy effect. Late in the day I did scoot over to the roadcourse section (they used most of the infield roadcourse) and after a few runs obliterated the previous fastest time. That caused a bit of a stir and created a bit of a buzz. More folks showed up to our paddock again after seeing and hearing SLJHMR run the roadcourse and that was the object in the first place.

Our Paddock for the weekend. Finspeed on the left had some nice GSpeed hardware as well. Good times! Lots of folks stopped by to chat! 

Overall a well run and fun event. A HUGE variety of cars with LS powered (the only requirement to enter? LS power) vehicles ranging from current to classic and lots in between. Some of the builds were absolute top-notch quality while others were more of a backyard build….but everyone I saw was enjoying themselves. Tons of vendors in the midway area, lots of LS-at-full-song sounds resonating around the infield and plenty of the fresh burned-hydrocarbon smells to make you lift your nose juuuuust a bit. #Like


LS's on the left is all good...not sure about the one on the right tho...  :-)


Happy to do another one and would love to setup the car on proper 200tw tires and make a real go of it, but overall we met a ton of nice folks, maybe a few customers and shared the audio and visual of what a GSpeed car car do. Good times!



Above: Camaro looks ready for TX2K! Volvo was sweet...and my chariot below!