WDMS - Chapter 291


AKA: Are we a little crazy or a LOT crazy??

Turns out we are indeed, a bit crazy, but bear with me, we almost pulled this off!

About a month before Nationals we floated out the idea of not only taking Sledgehammer in ST2/TT2, but also reviving a car and going also in ST4/TT4. The reason was #Daytona, because we were pretty sure everyone would be chasing downforce and our data and research showed us that in ST4, a clean car would win. By "clean", I mean, no splitter or wing and the absolute least amount of drag we could induce.

So, as work continued on Sledgehammer, "SCRAPS" was brought into the mix and I registered with only a few hours left a few weeks before Nationals. This immediately resulted in a few inquiries the very next day from some Florida folks asking Texas folks if we screwed up and registered for the wrong class and why-oh-why are we in ST4/TT4 in a corvette!! LOL

And yes....Scraps got the name because, quite literally, this car was made from scraps that Louis held on to. To get this thing together, parts from at least 4 cars were "donated" (err. liberated, borrowed, pilfered, stolen....you get the idea).

As you all most likely know by now, Louis' mother-in-law passed just before Nationals and family is much more important than racing and while Scraps was almost done, Sledgehammer needed a few more days that just were not going to materialize. So, I left with Scraps and headed East. I'll share that whole story in another chapter, but here are some build pictures to tell the story! The actual event will be covered in Chapter 293 and Chapter 292 will deal with the DQ dramallama (or...how to get DQd from a championship when the rule your broke does not enhance performance!).

Enjoy the pics!

Above: What we started with....

Below: MFW let us borrow some wheels! We ran spacers to optimize them.



Above: Getting the wheel space right and SLJHMR on the right getting wiring finalized.


Above: Factory clutch on left, and what we ran on the right.

Below: Spare parts? GSpeed has you covered!!!




Borrowed "Streets" from W2W Racing (not used, they go back!) and our wicked 100tw Goodyears!

Below: Black Finspeeds for SLJHMR (they'll get painted correctly now) and Louis getting into his work!



Above: Getting the seat/pedal/wheel distance right.
Below: HUGE aero gain here...behind the coolers it opens to the rear panel which dumps under the valence #DragReduction


Above and below: Always a crew working... #GSpeedFTW

Above: On the rollers setting the tune

Below: Checking things off the list.....and getting closer....

Finally, after a few hours on the rollers to get the tune setup, Scraps gets loaded and we head east!