Chapter 274 - March 2019


Twenty Years of 2K Goodness !!!


As usual, I'll let the pictures tell the bulk of the story for 2k and add in some things as I see fit.

We had Anna's silver supra there and it was running strong, but we never really had the chance to run it down the track in the open sessions and didn't want to interrupt during other times so it got exercised locally around the track and such, but we'll wait to throw down times when we get to our next test day/night.

Peter's event ( continues to grow and smash attendance records each year. With Miller Brothers coming down and prepping the track everyone KNOWS the track will hook and then add in the nearly physical sea-level altitude and big power comes easy. To top that off, with slightly changing weather this year, many times we had NEGATIVE ALTITUDE and many, many records were set.


The 2Jz class had serious cars show up...fastest on the planet!

Above and Below: First event for the TT-LSX old school Buick!! It was fast and almost won its class!!!



You probably saw it on social media but a viper hit the wall hard. Tore up my light wiring that I got to thrash to rebuild. Whee!




Above: Austin, best starter in the business, launches the finals match-up!

If any of you all run big events you know a crew can make or break you....I'm fortunate enough to have a great one!!!

Below: The crew that makes my job easy! Grid, Start and Registration!!! (Zach Webb on the lights not pictured..doh!)

Pre-event: Anna organizing all the forms, cutting/organizing ALL the numbers, handouts, etc....HOURS AND HOURS of pre-work so it goes smooth!


Above: Amir's paper-plate McLaren leaving heat and tracks on the way to a class win!!!

Above: Anna and Jason trying to be serious judging the bikini contest


Meticulous care of the track. A car dropped some trans gets burned, cleaned, and re-coated in a few minutes


Above: Peter's car, Below: Peter's event (pic stolen from the tx2k fb page!!)