Chapter 257 - July 2017

Scratcher Play Day!

(thankfully it breaks at a test day, not a race weekend!!)


TWS hosted a play day for instructors for the 4th of July and so our family scooted down to make some laps, have some fun and watch some fireworks! Everyone brought there own and some folks went a little crazy! We had a great time and I got some testing time in as well as giving some rides, doing some coaching and the very rare drive.

The people who wear dolphins: "There are two types of boats....submarines and targets!"

The people who wear wings: "There are two types of aircraft....fighters and targets!"

Scratcher can relate...




July in Texas...




Family time and the rare guest driver for Scratcher. It was glorious to hear her down the front straight!


I got to take my friend Blake for a ride. He is an experienced HPDE person and really appreciated it. "Most brutal car I've ever ridden in" it!

My buddy Richard has ridden in Scratcher several times and was busy putting folks in Scratcher and giving them "the briefing". His descriptor? "I've been in less violent car crashes". HAHAHAHAHA! It is fairly true though, as a car with this power, grip and ability to go, turn and stop, if we are going fast then there will be violent transitions between directional changes. Stupid fun tho!

The few things I needed to test I did. Scratcher is in the middle of a pretty good win-streak and I don't want to rest on my heels. Once my test day was done, Richard took a few laps and the rear chunk promptly died. LOL. Apparently after being put together in 2007 and hundreds (thousands?) of laps the side adjuster retainer let go and backed off and bad things happened. Oops. Thankfully I built another one and off we went to the next race! On one hand it is never good to break the car, on the other it was awesome that it happened at a test and not during a race weekend!